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Baby food

The biggest (and only) downfall I've discovered of making my own baby food is that it doesn't come in handy little jars, ready to toss in my diaper bag. I've got to package it up in little containers. Not a big deal at all, and so worth it. But boy, is it easier since I found this set! It's by Sassy, and you can get it at BabiesRus, or click here. The small dishes nest inside the larger one. Perfect for a couple different purees and some cheerios or puffs. Plus the spoon clicks to the inside of the lid, and I even fit a folded up bib inside! I've been using a big zipper bag to hold all my little containers, bib and spoon when we go out, that way I have a place to put the dirty stuff when we are done. But this way I don't waste a bag and its so much neater and more organized! Love it!

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