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The mysterious 'sign'

Here I am, finally sharing the much-mentioned but never-before-seen sign! I've been calling it a 'sign' for lack of a better term... I guess you could call it a directional sign?

A few years ago my mom came up with the brilliant idea to make her own directional sign as an anniversary surprise for my dad... but each individual sign would point to one of the many places they have traveled together over the years. She did most of this by herself! Cut the boards, brought them to my house to keep it a secret from him... then we painted and lettered each one. My dad, of course, was thrilled with this gift. He built the cute topper and they "planted" it in a prominent location.

I think this is just about the coolest thing ever. A conversation piece and reminder of all those fun memories. Ever since they finished it Mike and I have been wanting to make our own. Sadly, ours will have way fewer boards. But that's (almost) 6 years of marriage vs. 34 years of marriage. We have time to catch up! 
We've been working on our sign for a while now. It's finally almost done, and I can't wait to finish and share it!

A few places I'd like to add to our list.

She did a lot of fun, tropical-inspired colors since many of their travels have centered around tropical locations.

So cool. All the mileage is calculated from their house in Boring. Yep, there is a town named Boring. On purpose. And, unfortunately, it's aptly named. 

What, you may ask, is that building in the background? 
No, not the house. Not a guest house. Not really a shed, although it has a small shed in the back.

See, this is what happens when you live in a place called Boring.
You have to build a pub. With 2 (sometimes homebrewed) beers on tap. And a custom wood bar. And electronic dart board.

Check back tomorrow for a photo tour of this super cool little building!


Marisa said...

What a fun idea! I think Travis would love something like this. I'll have to show him.

Oh, Boring. I never knew it was a strange name until I brought some college friends home. Just last week, one of my friends from Seattle pulled out a photo of a highway sign that read "Boring" on top and "Oregon City" on the bottom. She thought it was hilarious because it looked like an exit for a "boring Oregon city." :)

Genelle said...

A "boring Oregon city"... that is too funny! And a bit true!

Joce said...

Ok Genelle, I'm soooo stoked. I told my sister-in-laws about this really cool idea and we've all decided we want to make one for our mom and dad for Christmas. =) Can you do me a favor please and tell me the wood dimensions of each of the smaller signs with the miles on it please? (I hope you don't mind). Yay! Thanks friend, way too cool!

Erica Lahoda said...

This would make a great gift for my mother in law. She travels somewhere once a year with her sister(s). :) I have months until her birthday, but maybe I could have it done by Christmas. :)

Carroll Wolfe said...

What type of wood and paint did you use to weather the conditions?

Judy said...

It would be so helpful to learn what dimensions the boards are?