"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


Our travel sign

Finally I get to share our sign with you! We seriously started this project over a year ago! It is a labor of love for sure. Buy wood... cut wood... paint boards... google mileage from Sandy... paint letters, making sure the arrow points the right direction... then figure how on earth to put the thing together. Not to mention making it stand up straight and stay put. Phew. 
But then we stood back and surveyed all our hard work and it was so worth it!

These are some of our favorite places. We obviously couldn't list every city we've visited together, so we picked the most memorable. We stuck our new masterpiece on the edge of our yard and I snapped some photos. 
My parents gave us this idea. They made one a few years ago and we loved it so much. Had to make our own. Ours is more neutral colored than theirs, which blends better in our smallish yard. 

Traveling has taken a backseat to raising children; one of the sacrifices made so I can stay home and raise them myself. Worth it. But I love sitting on our deck and looking at all these great memories. Some made with the kids, many before we had them. We look forward to adding to our sign, as life permits... not a lot of space for more boards, however. Guess a longer 4x4 post would have been wise. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Having a hard time with lettering and knowing size of boards. Love love love your idea! Can you share some of the nitty gritty on how you did this?