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Consignment Sale- THIS weekend!

I've had a really sick baby the last few days, and have barely slept and pretty much accomplished nothing. Survival mode, basically. So, needless to say, I haven't cooked a single thing all week. Well, except for a couple batches of baby food last night while my husband held the baby. I had a bunch of fruit that would have gone bad. Anyway, I'm super thankful for my mom who is coming over this afternoon to hold the sick little guy while I finish up organizing my stuff to consign at the big JBF sale this weekend! Plus she's cooking dinner... ah, moms are the best. If you live in the area, the sale is awesome. It's at the Expo Center in Portland, and it's this Saturday and Sunday, the 1st and 2nd (good grief, is it May already?). TONS of stuff, bargains galore, and pretty much a madhouse. I recommend leaving kiddos and especially strollers at home. It gets pretty packed.

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Genelle said...

What a great sale this year!! I got a ton of bargains for the kiddos at the presale on Friday (almost worth consigning just to get presale tickets- it wasn't nearly as packed!), and I made 300 bucks selling my stuff! Woo hoo! I sold all but about 25 items!