"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15



I've become a tiny bit obsessed with cute little cup-and-saucer sets lately. I have no idea why. Something about them just calls my name. I had my eye on one at the Tollgate Inn here in Sandy. The Tollgate has the cutest bakery/cafe/gift shop with amazing pastries, yummy coffee, and tons of nostalgic stuff; kitchen tools, candy, gifts. Some girlfriends and I often walk there while our kids are at school-- order coffee, sometimes treats, and browse the gift-y stuff. Anyway, during one of these coffee/walking dates, I spotted the most adorable cup-and-saucer. It was a creamy, buttery yellow, with a honeycomb texture and a tiny bee on the side. I can't explain why I loved it so much, but it was so cute I just wanted to eat it up. But for $12 or something ridiculous like that, I knew I'd never be able to justify it to my husband.
I think I must have pointed it out to him once when we went there together, because he surprised me on Easter with my own basket filled with wonderful things, and among them.... Yep! My adorable little cup! I couldn't believe he remembered. I especially couldn't believe he bought this silly, impractical thing, just because he knew I loved it. I think secretly he loves it too.

Prior to the yellow cup obsession, there was the white cup obsession. Which yielded two beauties, plus a pretty flowered one.

With two little boys and a husband, I don't get many girlie things in my home. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to these cups. They are girlie! Without be overly so! Well, except the pink one. I looove that one.
And you know what? The are waaay more practical than you would think!! Not only does my coffee look so much better in these cups, they make a really cute centerpiece!
I could NOT believe my luck when at Home Goods recently I stumbled upon this yellow canister! It matches my bee cup!! See the little lid?
And it was way cheaper than the cup. Figures. Makes a great vase for some pretty herbs from my garden. And they smell SO good.
Isn't this the prettiest cake stand you've ever seen? I just love the color. Found it at Costco, of all places. Well, actually, the Costco outlet. Eagle Bargain, and if you've never been there, you must go. They get all the stuff Costco clears out to make room for new stuff... plus some returns. But it's gooood stuff! Never know what you might find! Like this!
I read a great post on one of my fav blogs, make*happy, about some super cool thrift store finds, which reminded me I wanted to post about all these cute ceramic things. But also really makes me want to go thrift shopping!! Who knows what great cup-and-saucer sets I may come across at thrift stores?! And, lucky me, we have TWO in little 'ole Sandy! I'll keep you posted....


Marisa@make*happy said...

Oh, Genelle.

First of all, thanks for the plug. :)

2--After we got married, I would have tea every night using a cup and saucer from our set of china. It felt very fancy.
3--I can't believe you found that matching canister at Home Goods. LOVE Home Goods!!
4--That cake plate took my breath away. If you ever need to find it a new home, send it my way. :) I will definitely check out Eagle Bargain!

Genelle said...

Marisa, you crack me up... and I did the exact same thing with our wedding cups and saucers! Except I would have coffee in them, and always pulled them out when we'd have friends over. I think perhaps that's where my obsession with them began... I don't bring them out very often anymore (too many little hands nearby), but I sometimes open the china cabinet and just look at them. Glad I'm not the only one. :)