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Cleaning schedule

Oooh. I knew that title would suck you right in. I realize I may be the only person in the entire world who is excited about this... but on the off chance I'm not, I had to share.
Earlier this month I posted about needing to better balance my time. To prioritize a bit better... I felt like having a clean house was taking precedence to playing and spending quality time with my kids. And after all, I am a stay-at-home-mom, not a stay-at-home-maid. But... I still like my house clean. And so does hubby. And if I didn't finish the things that need doing all week, I know he would end up doing them on the weekends. And that needs to be our family time. He needs to spend quality time with the boys, and enjoy his days off.
So I struggled with this. I posted about it... which often helps me at least organize my thoughts. But I got a bonus this time! A wonderful friend commented on my post telling me about her house cleaning schedule. She even listed it for me! I promptly copied it, word for word, on my little dry erase board inside my pantry. I followed it exactly for one week, the tweaked it a bit to suit my house.
It's been a full four weeks since I started this, and I can't even tell you the weight it has lifted!! I just had to tell everyone about it because it has solved so many things I struggled with, and helped me in ways I never expected.
Now each day, I know the exact things I need to do. Once those things are done, plus a few daily tasks, I am free to do anything!! Play with the kids! Do a craft or sewing project! Cook an elaborate dinner! Blog! Play with friends! Go to the park! Even just relax a bit, something I never did during the day before.
I used to feel the weight of the entire week's chores resting on me, each day. Even though the boys and I did fun stuff often, I always felt guilt that I should be home working on that huuuge list. Now having it all divided up, with just a couple things each day, I have no guilt. I know if I just do those few things, there is plenty of time in the week to get the rest of the stuff done. I don't feel the need to get ahead by doing tomorrow's chores. Getting the chores finished has never been my problem... the stuff always got done. It was just at the expense of other, more important things. But now, having a plan, I actually feel like I spend less time cleaning! And I really don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I love plans.
So thank you to my friend Teresa. You just may have saved my sanity.

Here is my schedule:
M: Vacuum downstairs, mop, dust
T: Tubs/showers, toilets, towels, garbages
W: Bathrooms, vacuum upstairs
Th: Kitchen appliances and counters, bedrooms
F: Vacuum, mop, dust, clean out car, sheets

Daily: pick up toys and clutter, dishes, spot clean (counters, table, floor under highchair), laundry- 2 or 3 loads a day (pretty much a week-long battle for me)

Then each week I pick a special project to tackle- windows, mouldings, garage, playroom, purging outgrown clothes, other "hotspots"... something I can just plug away at as the week goes by.

If this is something you struggle with too, give it a shot! And let me know how it goes! I find it so freeing. And I think it could work for anyone! Even those who work outside the home. A couple chores each evening and you could have the whole weekend free!

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M* {Daydream Believers} said...

I have a similar schedule and I love it! I feel like I accomplish so much more by doing just a few things everyday instead of taking on one giant "to-do" list! :)