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Front porch makeover

Busy, busy summertime + camera memory card on the fritz = long blogging hiatus. But I fixed the card today! So here is our front porch makeover. This post isn't as fun as it would be had I remembered to take before pics... But I'll just paint ya a little picture:
Imagine shapeless, faded cushions and throw pillows... no cute curtain... and horribly stained Trex decking since I'd never pressure washed it before!

Can I just say how much I love pressure washing? Best thing ever. I did the porch and the driveway, then halfway down the sidewalk before I realized I had to stop somewhere. What a difference! 

In the background you can see the curtain I sewed to make our little porch feel cozy and private, since our neighbors' house is rightthere. We spend a lot of time out here, since it's east facing and gets lots of morning sun. It's our breakfast and coffee spot on sunny days. 
We bought these outdoor fabrics so I could sew the curtain, then the two throw pillows on each chair. They are actually the existing pillows that I just recovered. Saves some money not having to buy new pillow inserts. The seat cushions we just happened to find on sale at World Market and I love the way they look with these fabrics.

I even sewed piping for the first time! It was so much easier than I thought! And really gives the big pillow a finished look.

Hubby got a set of four of these chairs on uber-clearance at Target a while back. One fits perfectly by our front door and gives us a little more seating. We've started another project out back that may make room for these chairs at some point... but for now the other three are still in boxes in the garage. 

And... off the subject but here is my test photo from when I was attempting to fix the memory card:

Quinn got all cozy on some recycling I was sorting. Isn't she pretty? Love these kitties of ours. :)
Check back tomorrow for another project! Lots of catching up to do, now that I can actually import photos. 


Marisa said...

I just LOVE the curtain! That's such a great idea for some privacy. Pretty, too!

Congrats on the piping. It looks great! Did you find a good tutorial? I've been wanting to attempt it, but haven't yet.

Genelle said...

The piping was surprisingly easy! Probably because I bought the kind with the bias tape stuff attached already... found it in the same area as bias tape and quilt binding. I just sandwiched it in between my fabric layers while sewing the pillow. I really like the way it looks so I'm excited to find more uses for it!