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Tissue pom pom tutorial

Ok, here's a fun and easy tutorial. My sis-in-law and I made these for a baby shower we hosted, and they were so cute hanging as decor!

Here's what you need:
tissue paper
floral wire (or any wire, really)

Lay out a stack of tissue paper, 8-10 sheets. The paper I used came in packs of 20 sheets, about 20"x25". I was able to make four pom poms per pack. 

Cut your stack in half so you have two stacks of around 20"x12.5". This doesn't have to be exact- different brands are different sizes. You just want rectangles, basically. 

Set aside one stack for your second pom pom. Then start accordion folding a stack, starting at the short end. 

Your folds don't have to be perfect, but I think the narrower the folds, the prettier the pom turns out. Maybe an inch or so. 

While holding your accordion, cut the ends into a curve. You can also cut them into a V shape for pointy petals. 

Now find the center and cut a small notch on each side. This makes it easier to fluff once it's held by the wire. 

Now bend a piece of wire into a hook...

...and wrap it around the tissue into the notches you cut. Twist the end around the rest of the wire to secure. 

Open it up into a nice little fan...

....and start gently peeling each layer away from the rest of the fan. Peel all the way down to the wire so your pom gets really fluffy. Peel a few layers one direction, then switch and pull from the other side so you get an even sphere. 

Shoo the kittens away over and over and over...

Keep peeling and fluffing until you have a gorgeous pom! Bend your wire into a loop so you can hang it, then fluff the tissue around it to help hide the wire. 
You can really experiment with variations... Use the entire stack of 8-10 tissues without cutting it in half for a giant pom. You may need more than 10 to keep it nice and full when it's that large. You could also cut a six inch strip off your big stack to make one big pom, then cut the 6" strip into two for mini poms! I've discovered the smaller the pom, the fewer tissues you need to make it full. So the minis could be made with less, but the giant ones will need more. 
You can also peel your layers just one direction to make more of a flower rather than a full sphere. In that case keep the wire straight and use it as a stem. 
I'm thinking these could be really fun July 4th decor! Also Christmas!
Fun fun! 

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