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A few Father's Day ideas from Etsy!

I really don't like the cliche Father's Day gift ideas. Necktie, cufflinks, money clip? I don't think so. Flask? Well, maybe.... 

I have a tentative idea for my hubby, but not yet for my daddy; he's tough to shop for. Claims he's happy with socks. Or maybe he meant scotch. Anyway. I thought I'd do a quick little Etsy search to see if I could find anything unique. Of course, I won't post what I may find for the dads in my life, since they sometimes read this blog!

I thought this was a really cute idea! Assuming your husband isn't like mine; he can't stand a lot of stuff on his keychain. But this is pretty small.

If my brother were a dad, this would be the perfect gift! Too bad my hubby isn't lucky enough to have his very own man cave. Oh, wait; now I get it... dads don't get man caves, they get playrooms and nurseries. Never mind. 

Here's a cool idea for those musical dads. Or musical wannabe's.

Ok. I know I was searching for Father's Day gifts, but I got a bit carried away. Etsy will do that to me. I started searching 'Kindle', since my dad loves his... and I found this gorgeous case! Might need it for my own Kindle!!


Catherine said...

You have GREAT ideas :-) Thanks!

Genelle said...

Thanks Catherine!