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Nursing cover and baby frame

Today I am very excited to announce......

I finally have my VERY OWN sewing machine!!!
How have I lived this long without one?!

Thanks to my grandma, who bought a new sewing machine and decided to buy one for my mom as well.
And thanks to my mom, who decided to give me hers!
Any projects I've ever done have been either sewn by hand, or by spending hours at my parents' house, borrowing my mom's machine. But this is so great; now I can sew at night when the boys go to bed!

I've been caught up in a happy little sewing frenzy. I don't think my husband is all that happy about it. I've made 2 trips to Craft Warehouse and one trip to Joanne Fabric. I've cut up Minkee fleece in our living room leaving fuzzies absolutely everywhere. I've spent the last several evenings glued to my new toy and basically ignored him. But look what I made!
Can you tell what it is? It's hard to photograph, but it's a nursing cover! I have one already, which I love and use all the time, but I've been wanting another one for when mine is in the wash. I just happened to have some leftover fabric from when I sewed our Christmas stockings (at my mom's-- with her help), but it's not really a Christmas-y fabric.... so it made a perfect nursing cover! The boning for the top and the D-rings for the neck strap cost about $3 total! Plus I added a little pocket for Beckham's pacifier.

I've been working on a couple other projects as well; we'll see how they turn out! Check back soon!

One other thing I am super excited to share....
My friend made me this gorgeous frame for Beckham's room!
Didn't it turn out great?
We did his footprints today. Here's my advice: Don't try to footprint a 9-month-old baby.
I really meant to order this and footprint him when he was much smaller, but months got away from me, so here are his giant footprints that were almost impossible to get!
But I'm so thrilled with how it turned out, and it looks so cute in his room. Thanks a ton, Mel!
Click here for her Etsy store.

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