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All-Purpose Cleaner

There are so many benefits to making your own household cleaning supplies:
1. Saves MONEY!
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Less chemicals
4. Less packaging
5. Safe around children

I just think each small step we take really adds up. Start with something easy, like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, or making your own all-purpose cleaner. Piece of cake.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Here's what you need:

Distilled white vinegar
Ivory dish soap (or other dish soap)
Rubbing alcohol (optional- if you leave this out, your kids could basically drink this stuff with no harm done. I add it so it evaporates faster when I clean glass)

Mix one part vinegar to one part water. Add a splash (just a tiny bit!) of ivory soap and a tablespoon or two of alcohol. Use a funnel to fill up a spray bottle and you're ready to get cleaning!

I reused my empty Windex bottles for a long time until they stopped spraying well. Then I found these great ones at the dollar store! Green is for downstairs, yellow is for upstairs. I love color-coding. :)

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