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Buttercup Bag

I had so much fun with this project! Marisa at make happy made an adorable little bag using a free pattern, and the minute I saw it I knew I had to give it a whirl. So Mike helped me pick out some great fabrics and I made one as a birthday gift for Christie, one of my two wonderful sisters-in-law. It turned out so cute I wanted to keep it for myself! But I didn't. 

I'm hoping to have enough fabric left over to make another one. She won't mind if we have matching purses. Right? 

I changed it just a bit: made it a little bigger, added some interfacing to the strap to make it more rigid, used just one big button instead of two, and I added an extra pocket inside. Oh, and used the lining fabric for the top as well. I loved how it turned out!

You can download the pattern here


courtney lang said...

Genelle-that is a beautiful bag! You're so talented! I love it. I bet your sister-in-law loved it too. :)

Marisa said...

Very nice! I need to make another--bigger, and with stiffer fabric. The one I made (from the non-enlarged pattern) is just too small to be practical, and a little flimsy.

You did a great job. Lovely fabrics. :)

Genelle said...

Thanks ladies! And Marisa, I know what you mean. I made one before this one and the fabric was way too light-- and too small. Felt like a little girl's purse. Which it may end up being! Would make a good gift for a little girl in my life.
The print I used is a decorator-type fabric and is pretty heavy, and the pink is actually duck. It made it feel a lot heavier and more purse-like. But what a fun, easy pattern!