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Reorganizing Recipes

Sadly, this is my recipe book.

I love finding new recipes, mostly from magazines. Sometimes online or in the newspaper. Sometimes friends give them to me. But I can't imagine painstakingly handwriting them on little recipe cards. Or typing them all out in a computer program. I just have way too many.
So this has been my system for years. It's just a five-subject notebook into which I glue my recipes. Categorized of course. 

But as you can see I was very behind on cutting and gluing. 

Plus the notebook was starting to fall apart. 
And once I run out of pages in a particular category, I can't add more. 

My mom is also addicted to collecting new recipes, and she recently shared with me her new solution. I don't know why I didn't think of this before: a binder! 
Sturdier than a notebook, plus I can have unlimited categories, and I can add pages whenever I want! 

Ahh, so neat and pretty. 

I cut circles of green cardstock and glued them onto white cardstock to use as homemade dividers. So I was able to have 10 categories! So much more organized. I don't know why I put this project off for so long. 

How do you organize recipes? Is anyone else obsessed with collecting them?


Mindy said...

SUPER cute idea!! My mom found a cute scrapbook on uber-clearance at JoAnn's (or Michael's??) and does something similar. I need to make some adjustments....mine is the old box from 1994 that I got as a graduation gift. Yeah, weird grad gift. Anyhoot, it won't shut either! Thanks for the inspiration!

Marianne said...

I have gone through so many different ways of organizing my recipes and so far nothing has worked for me. On top of that I have promised my whole family on both sides that I will make two cookbooks. One with Norwegian recipes and one with American recipes. I really should get going on that. Maybe a new theme for my blog? Become my follower and maybe you can inspire me to get started.