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Sweet Little Succulents

We recently spent an afternoon at my parents' house (which we do all the time- they are awesome) and got to enjoy the company of a dear friend of the family. Not only did she cook a fabulous dinner for us all, but she taught me the coolest tip, and I am so excited to share it! Maybe everyone knows this and I'm just a bit slow to learn, but don't burst my bubble, ok? :)

This particular friend, who absolutely fascinates me (I wish she had a blog- I would read it obsessively), is just full of ideas and craftiness and awesome conversation. She gave us this gift when we had Beckham, and I was floored by her creativity. 

It's an antique wooden child's rocking chair, with the seat removed so it can hold a flower pot. She filled the pot with these adorable little succulent plants, and it looks so perfect on my porch. 

Isn't it the coolest, most unique baby gift?!

Well, it turns out you can pull pieces off these little plants and just stick them in a new pot. They will root and grow into a whole new plant! I did not know this!!

So I picked some off those plants, and some off this plant:

And a few little hens and chicks:

I replanted them into a couple small pots I had, and look how cute they turned out!

I am just crazy about these little succulents. I can't wait to hit up some garage sales and find cool containers to plant them in! And I don't even have to buy new plants!

I love stuff like that. 

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