"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


The Dayroom: a photo tour

"Come on in and see Nana and Papa's pub!" 

This is one of Ty's favorite places. And why not? It's not everyday a four-year-old gets to hang out in a bar with the big boys. 

My dad built this himself, and designed it to match the house. Same colors, same stone, same roof. 

Cute little front porch with bistro table and fireplace.

And here is his custom sign. My dad is a retired firefighter, so this sign was perfect. He named the pub "The Day Room", which is what they call the big living area in a firehouse. 

The view from the pub toward the house. My dad built an outdoor kitchen under the pergola, and there are palm trees and tropical plants everywhere. It's kind of like a resort at my parents' house. We feel like we're on vacation when we go there, which is often!

Here is the inside... It has a very cozy, slightly rustic feel. We love sitting out here on winter nights with a fire in the cool old wood stove. 

My dad built the beautiful wood bar complete with brass foot rail. Cozy leather club chairs with ottomans (a must!). The electronic dart board is built into the wall.

We've had some wild dart tourneys over the years. 

A better view of the bar, and the neon signs in the background.

The ceiling is so cool! It has great texture, with exposed wood beams and the center is this gorgeous copper panel. 

A little bar table where we often play cards, and the flat-panel TV for watching sports.
That's my dad's old fire helmet on the wall.

Coolest beer taps ever! The small shed behind the pub has a fridge which houses the kegs, then the lines run through the wall. My dad enjoys homebrewing; so there is often a beer on tap that he made himself, plus one he buys from a local brewery. 

Ahhh. A photo of Ty and his Papa on his last day of work. Ty was about 11 months in this photo. About Beckham's age now. Seems like yesterday...

Hope you enjoyed this little tour! 


gregg said...

Makes me want to go out there!

Marisa said...

That's fantastic! Nice work. Your parents are much cooler than mine. :)

Gavin said...

I could sure use a glass of fire hydrant right now