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Gathered clutch

Wow, I'm so excited that I actually made this! Zipper and all! It definitely has some quirks and imperfections, but that's why I made it for myself and not a gift.

Isn't it pretty?
I love the little gathers. 

Bummed that I sewed the front piece on upside-down. Arrgh. Didn't realize it until I was completely done. The little flower things on the center band are supposed to be stem-down. Oh, well. Maybe no one will notice.

I made this from scraps I had lying around, so the lining is a pretty heavy fabric. It made it really difficult to turn once I finished sewing it, and made my card holder a bit bunchy. I will definitely use a lighter weight fabric next time. 

Here is the other little divider pocket.

I added a handle to mine. I plan to use it to hold cards and cash, maybe a lipgloss or two, and stash it inside my diaper bag. Makes it easier to find my stuff, plus I can just grab it for a quick trip to the store or a rare errand without the kids!

Check out the easy-to-follow tutorial at Skip To My Lou, and also check out all the fabulous things over at make happy, where I saw this link.


Marisa said...

Wow, Genelle. That's amazing! I looked through that tutorial and my eyes started glazing over when she got to the little fabric ends on the zipper.

Such a cute little bag!

abby said...

Your clutch turned out really cute! And I didn't even notice that you had the fabric upside down so probably no one else did either. :)