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Repurposed potting bench

I've been dying for a potting bench for a long time now... somewhere to organize all my gardening stuff. I wanted to get it out of the garage and closer to my backyard garden. It occurred to me recently that it didn't have to be an actual potting bench; those are expensive! So I started keeping my eyes open at garage sales for some sort of furniture piece that could be repurposed into a little organized potting space and just last week stumbled upon this!

It was only $5! I don't actually know what you call one of these... it's like a kitchen cart thing. It came with casters to roll around but I didn't use them.

Isn't it great?! I found some tiles leftover from our kitchen and made a little "floor". It has a great, shallow drawer that I put my packets of seeds into. 

Plenty of room for my plastic buckets that I use for weeding or harvesting in the late summer. A big 5-gallon tub filled with soil. Extra pots.

Oh, that lilac looks familiar, does it? I may have sprayed a few extra things yesterday while working on my teapot. Those are actually gerber baby puff containers. I kept saving them, thinking I could do something with them. They make cute little containers for garden tools!

And they make a great outdoor vase for a few sprigs of rosemary!

I also half-sprayed this plastic pot that a plant came in and repotted some succulents into it. Love it. Must buy more spray paint.

But what to do with the towel bar on my 'new' potting bench? I don't really need a towel out there... Any ideas?


Marisa said...

$5?? Amazing find! You could put S hooks on that towel bar and hang things from it--wet gardening gloves, small trowel/rake/weeder with a hanging hole in the handle, even your watering can--to free up shelf space if you need more room.

Too funny--I used to paint Puffs containers, too! We used them as vases inside. They're such a great shape!

Genelle said...

Oh, great idea Marisa! S hooks... I'll add them to my list! Would be great to have a place to hang my gloves. I wonder if I could find hooks with little clips on the end...
Ah, the puffs containers. My husband has made fun of me for months because our tupperware drawer is overflowing with those silly things, but they really are a great shape! I knew I would find a purpose for them. :)

3creativechics said...

What a cute idea you've done using a $5.00 find. I would have to agree with using S hooks on the towel bar. Your blog is to cute and I am becoming a new follower.

Genelle said...

Thank you! And thanks for following!