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Secret project revealed! And a little hoot...

Ta-Daaa! It's finally finished: my mom's birthday quilt. Her favorite color is green, as you can tell. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! But that's just because these fabrics are so gorgeous... my sewing is still not great.

I couldn't reveal this project last week since it was a surprise for her. We all had a great time celebrating her special day the very way she wanted: Sitting on the upper deck at McMenamin's Edgefield with wine and pizza, listening to one of the outdoor concerts held there. Just happened to be Steve Miller Band, which was pretty fun! If you are local and haven't been there, it's really one of the coolest, most unique sites around. Restaurants, hotel, pub, 5 or 6 different bars, winery with tasting room, distillery, golf course, movie theater, gardens galore, live music all the time... and surprisingly kid friendly! We go there often. Actually had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding there.
[Ah, love my little sweetie]

I just had to share this next project, because it turned out so cute! I wanted a cute stuffed owl for Beckham's room, and found tons of gorgeous ones on etsy... but they were expensive! And rightfully so- some people are so talented. This one doesn't even compare, but I made it myself! With fabric I had lying around! So it was basically free. I did buy the stuffing at the fabric store with a 50% coupon. But otherwise free!

Isn't he cute? We named him Oliver. I know, not very creative. But Beckham doesn't care.

He has the softest, fuzzy belly and wings. And a little heart on his bottom, but I forgot to take a pic of that.

And he was pretty easy to make! And so fun! I'm making another one now. Why, I don't know. Maybe Oliver needs a friend. :)

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Marisa said...

The quilt is great! And I love your owl. Those fuzzy wings are perfect and look so cuddly!

Oh, and I think I named my first owl Oliver, too. It's just so fitting for an owl!