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Cute, feminine apron!

I love aprons. 
Not that I really do that much baking, but I like to wear them when I cook. Plus, they just look pretty! Especially now that there are so many feminine ones, with ruffles and bows and gorgeous fabrics. 

I went to a fabric sale recently, in someone's home... it was a bit weird, but there were big signs leading the way, and all fabrics were $1 a yard! It was a tiny old house, with a living room and dining room chock full of bolt after bolt of fabric. Two ladies cut yardage on a table in the kitchen. It seemed to be a family affair, and I assume that the mother of these women passed away and they were clearing out her (enormous!) fabric stash. I got a lot of nice basics, some flannels, a few simple prints... but one really caught my eye. It was a soft cream with tiny pale yellow flowers. Very vintage looking. And I suppose it could have actually been vintage, I have no idea where or when this old lady purchased it. But I loved it instantly. 

I knew right away that I wanted to make an apron out of it. An old-fashioned fabric turned into a modern-style apron. Love it. 

Didn't it turn out pretty?

I love the way the polka dot pockets look against the floral print. 

And bias tape. Oh, how I love bias tape! Why have I never used it before?! I guess that's what happens when you teach yourself to sew. So much to learn...

But I'm getting better! I did this whole thing with no pattern! I'm especially proud of the pretty ruffle. :)

The drawback to sewing without a pattern: it didn't occur to me to scoop the neckline a bit. Once I finished it and tried it on, the straight neck bowed out very strangely. So I added a few little puckers (above) and it looks much better. 

This was such a fun project! And cheap! Fabric: $1(and I have some left), bias tape: $3.58 (I had to buy 2 packages, but I have a lot left over)... plus scraps for the pockets. Under $5 for a super cute apron!

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Mindy said...

There is no END to your talent! Love the apron :)