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Luscious LUSH goodness

On my recent birthday, after an awesome breakfast out, my sweet husband took me to my favorite shop to pick out some bath goodies.

You can actually smell Lush before you see it. I'm not even joking. A good block or so down the street you catch this sweet, fresh, indescribable scent. And then you walk into a shop like no other.
Rows and rows of colorful bath bombs... chunks of beautiful, freshly cut soaps wrapped up like cheese in a deli... bars of solid shampoo... bowls of fresh face masks on ice...

Most of the products are "naked"- no packaging at all. Most are preservative-free. Most have stickers with the date they were made, the date they expire, and a picture of the person(not machine)who proudly made the product.

All products are original and invented by Lush, truly handmade in small batches, vegetarian, and filled with gorgeous, mostly natural, often organic ingredients. Essential oils. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Herbs. No animal testing, of COURSE.

Love, love, love Lush.

I first discovered it on a trip to Whistler with my parents when I was 14 or 15. I was completely amazed and spent all my "trip money" on Lush products. I've been a devoted fan ever since, planning trips to Canada when possible... not specifically for a Lush visit, but the Lush visit was usually the highlight of the trip.

Enter my beloved Portland Lush shop!! I think it was around 2004 that it opened but I'm not positive... Regardless, it was a very happy day. Now I can visit anytime, buy just a few things... instead of saving up for months for the big annual Lush trip!

Here are my personal top ten Lush products:

1. Dorothy bubble bar
2. Honey Bee bath bomb
3. Butterball bath bomb
4. Creamy Candy bubble bar
5. Ma Bar bubble bar
6. Alkmaar soap
7. Rock Star soap
8. Aqua Marina face cleanser
9. Vanilla Puff dusting powder
10. Cupcake fresh face mask (not available online)

You must check it out. Our Portland store is at 708 NW 23rd. SO worth going if you enjoy a good bath. Or a shower.  :)

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