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A week of Ruby: day 1

As announced in this post, my sister in law is having a baby girl, so I am getting my very first niece in a couple months! Her name is Ruby, which I adore. I can just picture this cute, dark haired, bright eyed little one... I can hardly wait to meet her, and can only imagine how my SIL must feel!

this is the graphic from the front of her baby shower invite- hubby designed it!

I've been so excited I can barely stand it, and have passed the time by sewing up a bunch of girlie stuff.

Now, I absolutely adore my sweet boys, and am not sure I could handle a girl myself.... I've always been convinced that giving me two boys was God's way of preventing the inevitable bankruptcy that would follow a little girl into my life. 
So this is perfect. I can sew for her, shop for her, but hopefully there will be a stopping point before I go broke. :) Plus I don't have to pay for her wedding. Haha. Or the many shoes she will need over the years. Or the blue convertible when she turns 16. I know how this works, I was once a little girl. 

The shower for my sister in law, whom I love, was this last weekend. Soooo... I am finally free to post all these fun things!
I'll share one or two each day, because I may have gone a bit nuts. :) But be forewarned: my posts are gonna be heavy on the sewing this week!

Here is a cute little t-shirt dress like the one I made a while back. This one, thankfully, is a bit of an improvement. Guess I need to make another one now, for my friend Becky's baby!
This time I left the onesie intact so the dress won't ride up so much, and added sweet little ruffles to the bottom.

Ah, I love ruffle bottom!

I also added a little belt and bow to sort of finish the waist.

I just love the black and white for a baby girl! 
And I had so much fun making this!

Come back tomorrow to see a couple other things I made! 

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