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A week of Ruby: day 4

I've been eyeing this fabric for so long, so when I started sewing for Ruby I knew I needed to make her something out of it.

It's minkee, so it's ridiculously soft and cozy. Love it.

So I made her this cozy little lovey blankie... I added ribbon loops since babies love to rub them between their little fingers. 

It's hard to tell, and the color is really off in this photo, but the back is a dark brown minkee with a paisley pattern. So pretty!

Such a fun little project- and very quick! These would be perfect little baby gifts to make ahead and have on hand!

Ok, I could not resist these shoes.

They are way too big for Ruby- 12 to 18 month size... but she won't really need shoes until then anyway. Not to say she won't have them- the girl has a better shoe wardrobe than I do and she's not even born yet. But anyway, aren't they to die for?!

They are actually dark brown! It's hard to tell, but such a pretty color combo. 
Had to buy them. Physically could not leave the store without them. Getting more and more thankful every day that I have boys. Sweet, grubby, wild, dirty, awesome boys. Who only need 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and they are set. :)


Courtney Lang said...

Genelle-you are so talented! You are just making beautiful things for your new niece, and I'm sure as she grows she will appreciate all the fun stuff you'll make her. I really enjoy vicariously enjoying your creativity and sewing, it looks like you're having a great time. :)

Mindy said...

I agree with Courtney! Miss Ruby has the BEST homemade stuff from her Auntie :) Thank you again for all of it. The pictures don't do ANY of it justice, it's all gorgeous!!