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A week of Ruby: day 3

Oh sweet girlie girl bliss. A tutu! The most practical of baby gifts. ;)

But soooo pretty! Kinda want one for myself.

It ended up bigger than I meant it to be... I just went crazy adding tulle strip after tulle strip. I wanted it fluffy! May not fit her until she's bigger, but that's ok. 

I used elastic all the way around, but a big satin bow to tie it together. I'm hoping that will make it more adjustable so it can grow with her. 
What a fun project. :)

These are less exciting but still cute and waaay more practical!

Just some simple little flannel washies. We use single layer flannel cloths like these as baby wipes with our cloth diapers, but they also make awesome little wipees for runny baby noses since they are so soft. And also for keeping in the kitchen for after meal clean up when she's older. I like having some thin ones for jobs like those, and the thick wash cloths for bathtime. Plus they are just plain cute.

When shopping for flannel for Ruby's wash cloths I saw this print that I loved for Beckham. Cloth baby wipes get very discolored.... as you can imagine. And bleach just ruins them, so I sun them when I can but it just doesn't get them bright white again. So I thought, why on earth do they even make white cloth baby wipes?? We all know what we're gonna wipe up! It's not white! This is a nice dark print that hopefully won't show the stains as much. I plan to use them in my travel wipes container- keep the ugly but still functional ones at home. :)

And again, more goodies to come tomorrow. 

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