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A week of Ruby: day 6

I've had a lot of fun appliqueing felt critters to onesies, but have always hand sewed them in the past. This was the first one I attempted to sew by machine!

After some trial and error I used a very short stitch length and went super slow.

I love the way this fat little bird turned out! And so much faster and neater looking than hand-sewing.

Here's another attempt at a quilt...

Love the fabrics! Not so much my quilting skills however. I can never seem to get every corner to line up. 

These are all cozy flannel fabrics, so I think it'll make a good floor blanket for Ruby to lay on, or sit and play when she's a bit older. 

I appliqued a little 'R" to the corner... hoping the edges will fray a bit to give it a weathered rustic raw look. (Still not quite right... can't think of the word I'm looking for, but I love the look of frayed edges around letters on shirts, so I thought it would be cute on a blanket too.)

The back is super snuggly.

I don't love the binding... this was the first time I used packaged quilt binding as opposed to making my own and I didn't do very good. It's a completely different method than what I'm used to. It really needed to be sewn closer to the inside edges but I was so afraid of missing the back of the binding and having holes!
Oh, well! It was really fun to make and each one will get easier than the last, right?

Tomorrow I'll be posting a very cool "invention" (not my own) that I so wish I had when Beckham was a newborn!

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