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A week of Ruby: day 7

A few months ago I saw a mom carrying her new baby in a carrier with one of these covers, and I thought it was so brilliant. 

Keeps baby out of the rain and cold without having to bundle her up. Like having a blanket draped over the carseat, except this allows the handle to be exposed for waaay easier carrying! Plus it won't blow off on those windy, rainy Oregon days. 
And the bonus of keeping strangers hands away from a new baby! I can never believe how many people think it's ok to stick their fingers all over someone else's baby's face. 

I think Ruby will be nice and cozy in here, and hopefully sleep a lot while mom runs her big brothers all over town!

The little straps just velcro onto the carseat handle. And I had to add little bows.

It's lined underneath with a cute teal polka dot. The outer fabric I have loved for sooo long. I actually had it in mind for nursery bedding if Beckham had been a girl. It's called Starling by Alexander Henry. There's also a layer of batting between the two to keep her extra cozy. 

Hmm. Don't mind my crusty old carseat that's been well used through two boys. I had to try the cover on to make sure it fit! And to see how cute it looks! Will be much cuter on Ruby's pretty new girlie carseat. :)

Ok, I know a week has only 7 days. I do suffer from mommy brain at times, but I swear it's not that bad.
But I just have one more thing to share! It was a very last minute idea and it turned out great! It's not exactly a sewing project- more of a repurposing project, which I love doing!
So check back tomorrow for one more fun thing for Ruby!

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Catherine said...

Genelle- seriously, you're so crafty! Everything is so cute!!!