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Garden fresh caprese

This is my absolute favorite salad. Possibly my favorite dish of any kind. I eat it several times a week, but the best time is the end of summer... fresh garden tomatoes!! I picked my first ripe one today! (finally!! the last ripe one I had fell off the plant and became slug food). We've had such a cool summer that the poor tomatoes are so late. I'm afraid I won't have many ripe ones. Thinking I'll have to try this delicious looking fried green tomato recipe at make happy to use up the ones that never ripen.
Anyway, last weekend I made fresh, homemade chevre, then today I picked a gorgeous yellow heirloom tomato from my garden... This salad was so meant to be.

These are from my parents' garden-- they get just enough more sun than I do. Luckily they share. :)
Also a few from one of the teachers at Ty's school.  (Thanks Carmen! They were delicious!)

In my excitement to cut into my first garden tomato I forgot to snap a pic of it. But you can see the beautiful yellow slices!

Garden tomatoes, homemade chevre, plus a few slices of buffalo mozzarella (my fav- but fresh mozz is great too), basil from my herb garden, a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. Mmmm. Simple summer deliciousness. Oh, I splashed a bit of balsamic vinegar on before I ate it. Love that part.


Marisa said...

That looks really good! :sigh: I hope next summer is better.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite salads too. A restaurant here in GA makes a sandwhich out of it. Add roasted zucchini slices with the tomatoes, cheese, salt, pepper, olive oil and then add it to a toasted bread of your choice. It's so good. I have made it several times myself and it turns out really yummy!

Genelle said...

Ooh, that sandwich sounds amazing! I just love the combo of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. I like to make sandwiches out of those ingredients too, and they also make a wonderful pasta! Drizzled with a balsamic reduction... even better...mmmm!