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Apple picking

Yesterday the fam and I took a little day trip over the mountain to Hood River and the cute surrounding towns. It's so beautiful over there! Plus we had an absolutely gorgeous day. Clear skies, orchards everywhere you look, and Mt. Hood towering seemingly right next to us.

We visited two orchards, Kiyokawa Family Orchards, and Draper Girls Country Farm. At Kiyokawa they greeted us as we walked into the huge green barn, filled with countless varieties of apples and pears, pumpkins and other produce. Plus a cooler with fresh apple cider, and shelves of jams, spreads and preserves. We told them we were first-time apple pickers, and were given a map of the property and recommendations as to which apples to pick. We were also told to taste any apples we wanted! We loaded Ty in a red wagon and pushed Beckham in the stroller, and set out for the fields. But first we had to stop at the cute kids play area so the boys could ride the John Deere tricycles and climb in the fort.

 Once out in the orchards, we were in awe at the different varieties and the fact that we could just pluck an apple right off the tree and take a bite. We fell in love with several-- Empire, Gala, Jonagold, and especially Honeycrisp. Ty sat in the wagon finishing off each taster apple. We picked maybe 15 pounds total, and I have big plans to try my hand at homemade apple butter. We also brought home some mini white pumpkins to decorate my table, some green beans, a jar of pumpkin butter (oh, yum), and a bottle of apple cider. Loved this place! Can't wait to go back again!

At Draper Girls we had fun browsing the antiques scattered around and throughout the barn, petting the goats, and swinging on the huge swing out back. They also have a vacation rental home on the property! What a cool place that would be to stay. 

The boys had so much fun. So did hubby and I. 
I'll post once I figure out how to make this apple butter, one of my favorite things!


Marisa said...

Kiyokawa is one of my favorites. That's where I get my pink-fleshed apples for pink applesauce!

I tried making apple butter last year. SO yummy and fairly easy, but watch out--it splatters a LOT. I still need to clean the apple butter off my kitchen ceiling. :)

So glad you enjoyed your day. And it makes me giddy that your special day is just a regular Tuesday for me. :) (Does that sound like bragging? Maybe a little...)

Genelle said...

Oh, wow, I didn't know there were pink-fleshed apples! That sounds so fun!
And thanks a lot for the bragging- it sure is great over there where you live. I'm a tad jealous. But really not far to visit! I'd love to make a day trip sometime sans kids for some wine tasting... :)