"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


And yet another quilt...

Here is my latest creation:

This one is for our living room, to drape on the couch, and it's become the inspiration for the redecorating I want to do. 

I just love these colors together! I'm so tired of the drab and boring browns and golds we have currently.

I experimented with some different quilting this time- this random pattern around the border, and some X's on some of my squares.

This was a really fun one to make. My quilts are getting better, but no matter how perfect I cut and try to seam, my corners still don't always line up! 

I just love these fabrics, and especially the backing!

Really hoping to pull some of this robin's egg blue and maybe some white into our living room decor. 

Check back soon; I'll show you a super cool vintage credenza we bought off craigslist for our "new" living room!


Mindy said...

This IS gorgeous!! I'm loving the robin's egg blue lately too....it's such a great accent :) I'm hoping for some homemade goods from Auntie for the kids for Christmas! Can you make a tutu in blue shades for the boys? Do they sell blue camo tulle?? (you know I'm kidding, right??)

Genelle said...

Haha, love it sis! I'm sure the boys would be thrilled with camo tutus... :)
Boys are hard to sew for! Ty always wants me to make stuff for him but I can't figure out what. I'll work on it... ;)

Catherine said...

I went to a quilting store the other day with my mom and immediately thought of you. You'd love it. The fabric's amazing! And a bunch of it made me think of the stuff you made for Beckham's room. It's in West Linn called Hollyhill Quilt Shop http://www.hollyhillquilts.com/ You've GOT to go there some time if you haven't already ;-)