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Stuffed zucchini

This is one of those throw anything in, clean out the fridge kind of recipes. And super simple. 

Cut a few small zucchini lengthwise, then scoop them out leaving the skins intact to make little boats.

Chop up the scooped out zucchini bits and place in a mixing bowl. Here's the fun part-- add anything you like! Just chop your ingredients pretty small. I used some garden tomatoes, some banana peppers, sweet onions, grated gouda cheese, salt, pepper and a few squirts of hot sauce. Then you need something to make it creamy, and mayo works perfectly! Just stir it all together...

Then fill your little boats, pretty full!

Sprinkle with some fresh grated parmesan or bread crumbs for nice browned tops...

Then bake! About 400 for maybe 20-30 minutes...? I lost track. You just want them browned and bubbly.

Serve with additional hot sauce if you like food that makes your eyes water, as I do. Yum.

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Catherine said...

I'm so going to try this! Your pictures make my mouth water