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Picnic bag and sandwich wraps

I've seen these reusable sandwich wraps on etsy before and always wanted some-- what a great way to save on foil or baggie use! So I recently decided it would be pretty easy to make my own. I looked at a bunch of different ones and experimented with shapes a bit...

This one is just a rounded rectangle.

And this one has angled corners. They both work equally well... I think the angled corners look more finished, but the rounded ones were way easier to do!

So the outside is just lightweight cotton fabric, and the lining is waterproof laminate fabric. That way you can just wipe it clean to use again, or if it gets really messy you can throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer. 

Plus they are so cute! They just wrap right up and secure with an elastic loop and decorative button.
I am loving these! We recently went on a long weekend trip, just us four, and made tons of little picnics. I used these over and over the whole time-- not a single baggie wasted! I can't wait to make a bunch more, they are so easy!

And in preparation for the above mentioned trip, I decided to make a nice big insulated picnic bag for us to pack food and snacks. We did lots of bike rides and walks and hanging by the pool, so this came in so handy! And again, super cute!

It's basically just a large, drawstring top purse...

But lined with the same waterproof fabric, and with a hidden layer of insulated batting.
I also added a couple straps to tie a bottle of wine water.


Isn't this little embellishment cute? So easy to make with a fun little tool thing I got at the craft store. :)

Fun projects! I'm also working on perfecting some reusable snack baggies, but they have a ways to go. I'll post 'em when I'm finished! 

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Marisa said...

Genelle, your sewing is getting REALLY good. I'm very impressed! LOVE the bottle straps. Time to open an Etsy shop... :)