"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


Ten random facts...

about me!

I read a very entertaining post like this over at make happy and thought it looked like fun! So here ya go, my top ten quirks.

1. I can't stand soda. Of any kind. I've choked down maybe 5 sips in my entire life. Also on this subject, I can't go anywhere without a big bottle of cold water-- I drink almost 2 gallons a day. I never knew this was weird until just recently.
2. I also used to believe that most people knew how to spell and use basic grammar-- until I joined facebook. :)
3. Cleaning out the fridge is my very least favorite chore. The rest I really don't mind. If it wasn't for my husband I would most likely have science experiments running rampant in the back of my fridge.
4. I've used the dishwasher in my house maybe 5 times since we moved in. 2 years ago. I so prefer to hand wash.
5. When eating a meal, I finish each food before moving on to the next. I also thought this was normal until just recently. Anyone else do this?
6. My birthday is 9/11.
7. I am currently hating almost every single thing about my living room and trying desperately to come up with a new plan. A new cheap plan.
8. My absolute favorite people to hang out with are my husband and my parents. Not always in that order. :) This makes me feel very blessed!
9. On our honeymoon, the airline lost our luggage and we didn't get it back for 2 days. On the way home, they lost it again.
10. I tend to get very passionate about things I believe in-- this is one of my least favorite things about myself, and also one of my favorite.

Tell me your quirks!!


Marisa said...

Genelle, I love this! This was so fun! OK...
1. Really?? I'm not a huge fan, but sometimes I crave that sugar. And I'm impressed with your water consumption!
2. Ditto. Ugh.
4. :picking up jaw from the ground:
5. Hubby does that. Weird.
7. Ditto, for my bedroom.
9. Wow. Just...wow. I hope you got some free tickets or something!
10. It's a good thing. :)

Mindy said...

Love it! I knew all of it except #5 and #7. Your family room is gorgeous! You're silly, but I know what that feels like...change is good. As for #5, you're the 2nd person I know to do that. Mark comes CLOSE to eating each item first. You 2 are quirky :)

Genelle said...

Ah, ladies.... sooo happy to hear of others who share my #5! My family makes fun of me. :) And Marisa, no free tickets after our honeymoon! The airline was actually really awful about it! Oh, well-- it was great otherwise. :)

Becky said...

This was fun to read about you. As for some of your facts, how interesting. I knew that you can't stand soda and drinkn tons of water. I find it interesting that I barely drinkn water but always have a Diet Pepsi handy! I also thought most people knew how to spell and use basic grammar...until facebook. Lol. I also totally hate cleaning out the fridge. Such a bummer chore. But I love, love my dishwasher. I really don't care for handwashing. It's funny how different we each can be. Thanks for this blog, it was fun to read!