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A simple invention that saves my sanity

Here he is: The Messiest Baby In All The Land

Cute, right?

But my floors after every meal and snack?
Not so cute. And this was a particularly clean day.

So I bought a yard of PUL (polyurethane laminate), which is a waterproof fabric often used in cloth diapers. It's awesome stuff. Slick on one side so you can wipe it off. Waterproof so liquids don't soak through. Soft and fold-able so I can stash it in my diaper bag for meals out. Plus, machine washable... a necessity! And comes in cute designs and colors. I just got plain old white since it spends a fair amount of time on my dining room floor. Too bad they don't have wood color. 

I just rolled up and hemmed the edges and it makes the perfect reusable high chair mat. I've never seen these in stores, only the disposable ones... and do we really need more things to add to landfills? 

maybe I need to make a bigger one...

This thing saves my life. Keeps me from vacuuming three times a day. Mopping too. Why does this kid insist on throwing absolutely everything on the floor? And with force! Even supposedly spill-proof sippy cups spill the milk if thrown hard enough. And Beckham has it all figured out. 
I just lay this down pre-meal, then shake it off outside after (feed the birds!).  I wipe it off, then use it again. When it gets really messy I just throw it in the washer and dryer. 

It also makes a great play-doh mat for Ty! 


Marisa said...

I bought one that was clear plastic and round, specifically made to go under high chairs. But I never took it out of the package, because I knew it would stick to the floor and I would just have to clean that instead of the floor. Shakeable and machine washable would have been great!

I'm so lazy, though, I'd probably end up sweeping the food bits off instead of lifting it up and shaking it out. :)

We use those cheap plastic tablecloths for play-doh. Would probably work under high chairs, too!

Genelle said...

Sometimes I do just sweep it off. :) The thing that frustrates me the most is when he throws his cup. Then it's puddles of milk mixed in with the thrown food. I get so tired of cleaning that mess up!
Great idea with the plastic tablecloths! Never thought of that! Would probably last a few meals with my messy little guy though, then I'd have to throw it out. :)