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I need a bigger kitchen

Oh yeah, baby. It's mine. The KitchenAid stand mixer. 
I've wanted one of these forever. Isn't it gorgeous? I broke it in right away. Making a cake. A boxed cake. It was all I could come up with on short notice and of course I had to play with it. But I think I'll crumble that cake right up and whip up some cake pops

Part of my motivation to bake a cake immediately was so I could decorate it...

...using this!!

It's my new Cricut Cake! Thanks to my super rad hubby. 
If you don't know what a Cricut is, you are missing out. Seriously. One of my favorite toys ever.

Hubs bought me my first Cricut, four years ago... it's the original one, for cutting paper. Basically a digital die cutting machine. But the possibilities are endless! There are zillions of 'cartridges' you can buy, each with zillions of images or fonts that you can cut. In any size. So awesome. I've gotten a crazy amount of use out of that thing. 
So, Cricut has now created the Cake, which cuts fondant or gum paste. Using the same cartridges as the original Cricut! So I can interchange them all! Plus this baby came with a way cool cartridge of it's own called Cake Basics, filled with cool designs!

Now, I have zero experience with fondant. Or gum paste. Or cake decorating, really. I throw sprinkles on my cake pops and that's about as creative as I've gotten. I've always left the cakes to the pros. But now! I wanna play with this baby! But I seem to have no fondant lying around. 
Who can help me? I don't really want to buy the premade stuff. I found a couple fondant recipes... Marshmallow fondant intrigues me... Any advice or tips? Any recipes you can share? I think I'd like to take a cake decorating class, but only modern cakes. I don't really want to make icing roses. Has anyone local taken a cool class?

I can't wait to open this can of worms and get to decorating! But then who will eat the cakes? Not I. Then I wouldn't be able to fit into my new yoga pants. 
Wait, yoga pants are stretchy. That's the appeal.
Bring on the recipes please!

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HeroCakePops said...

I love cake pops and I just got my first kitchen aid mixer for Christmas too! Good luck with your decorating!