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Amy Butler apron

Yipeeeee! Tonight is my first cake decorating class!!! I've been so excited about this for the following reasons:

1. Mommy time! Away from kiddos, whom I adore of course... but everyone needs a little break sometimes! And I get to chat with other grown-ups!

2. One of the above-mentioned grown-ups is a great friend and one of my fav people to hang out with!

3. Creative outlet!! Two hours of uninterrupted crafty time! And bonus: a new craft!

4. I got to sew up a new apron for the occasion!! And I actually get to wear it somewhere other than my own kitchen! I love any excuse for a project.

5. We get to learn to decorate cakes! What could be more fun?

So, mommy time + awesome friend + crafty goodness + new apron + cake = my new favorite night of the week! Because this class is four weeks long!! I'll keep ya posted on how it's going- I plan to bring my camera tonight in hopes I can capture some of the fun and share it with ya'll!
In the meantime, here is my cute new apron:

Familiar? I had leftover Amy Butler fabric from my Cosmo bag. And I copied the design of my first apron. These are super simple to make and so much fun!

I just can't get enough of this fabric. Good thing I had lots of it! The Cosmo bag pattern called for regular weight fabric (44" bolts), but since this was home deco weight, it comes on a 60" bolt, so I ended up with way more than I needed for the bag. Perfect.

Bows. Love 'em.

Ruffles. Yum. So girly. I crave girly, with all these boys in my house. :)

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