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A little button makeover

Sadly, this was my button collection:

I had some to begin with, but when I started selling coffee cozies and using a button to fasten each one, my grandma gave me all her buttons. Many were super old and way cool! Then my other grandma gave me hers! Also some vintage ones. So I had tons of buttons and no way to organize them. It was so hard to pick through all these containers and baggies to find the perfect button.
So the fam and I went on a search for some kind of organizer. Hubby found this:

Actually it was just the plain wood... I masked the glass top and spray painted it this teal color. 

It has two layers of trays, and the top ones pull out. Exactly what I needed! And much sturdier and prettier than those plastic organizers, which I would have resorted to. 

My sweet Ty offered to help sort. It was actually pretty fun. Got to see tons of buttons I didn't know I had. Took a couple hours though. 

But look! 
So neat, so pretty. So easy to find what I need. And I still have tons of room. I filled the bottom layer but barely any of the top.

Fits perfectly in my new desk. Hooray for organization. :)

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