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from sweatshirt to purse

While cleaning out my closet recently I came across this sweatshirt. 

It used to fit me. Used to look cute, actually.
Then I had babies and, well 
it shrunk.

But the minute I pulled it out of its drawer I knew I had to make a purse out of it. The ribbed top with the bow would be perfect for the top of a cute handbag. And this silky, bright pink velour just couldn't be tossed into my Goodwill pile. 
So it sat in my sewing room (aka our office) for a couple months. But I kept thinking about it, and finally yesterday I pulled it out and just started cutting. 

I cut off the sleeves and bottom ribbing, and cut away the kangaroo pocket.

Then added a crazy array of interfacing, fusible fleece and batting. Funny little scraps of each.  I was determined to not buy a single thing for this project. I used quilt adhesive spray (Sulky- my new fav thing) to hold the batting in place....

...for this! I knew right away it had to be quilted. A la Juicy Couture. Well, not quite a la Juicy. But kinda.

Love, love, love how it turned out!! 

I gusseted the bottom so it is nice and roomy (gotta stash diapers somewhere).

And lined it in pink satin with cute pockets. 

Double pocket on one side for lipgloss and other important things. 

Not bad for an old sweatshirt and no pattern!
This might be my new addiction... gonna have to search through sweaters and sweatshirts at the thrift store. This was ridiculously fun. And free!

Plus I had scraps left to make a matching quilted coffee cozy!

With the cutest little crocheted button ever, from my grandma's collection. 
Fun stuff. :)


Marisa said...

This is awesome! The quilting totally seals the deal. The velour looks like it was made to be quilted.

I'm working on a bag made from cargo shorts right now. (Just need to find a lining fab at Fabric Depot and I can start sewing.) It was the same process—rescue something from the Goodwill pile and just start cutting. . .

LundynBridge Events said...

How Cute Genelle! You are so crafty!! :)

Beach Baby Designs said...

Wow, that is really creative and great looking! I love it!

Cathy said...

I love the bag! So creative. I found your blog over on Make Happy. I'm following you now.