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The crazy cat lady

I am super excited to announce our newest family members!
After my sweet old kitty died last month, I've been really missing the presence of a cat in our home. So have the boys. I thought I'd be ok pet-less for a while.... but I was mistaken! The boys and I did a fair amount of whining and pleading to Daddy, and more or less dragged him to a couple adoption centers at local pet supply stores last weekend. I really wanted to avoid going to the actual Animal Shelter if at all possible, for fear of coming home with ten cats and four dogs and an array of small animals. I'm such a sucker for sad-looking pets in need of homes. 
I really love how the PetSmarts and Petcos don't actually sell cats and dogs, since there are so many in need of homes... but several of them have in-store adoption centers set up, so you can visit homeless pets right in your conveniently located store. Without going to the super sad, depressing shelter. 
Anyway, we spotted these kittens last weekend, and found out they were 7 weeks old and needing homes. They were (and still are) in foster care with their mama until closer to 10 weeks when they can be spayed, then adopted. The shelter they came from is called CAT (Cat Adoption Team) and it's here in the Portland area- Sherwood to be exact. Super cool organization. A no-kill shelter that takes homeless cats and cats from other shelters until they can be found homes. 

We sorta fell in love with these sweet Siamese (mix) faces and pretty blue eyes... and called the foster mom the next day to visit them in her home and choose one. 

Somehow I convinced Mike that we needed two. I so wanted to keep them together! 

They are 8 weeks now, and once they reach 2 1/4 pounds they can be spayed... we are guessing another week or so. 
So I am anxiously awaiting a phone call that they are ready! Meanwhile, apparently, I am nesting. My husband is making fun of me. My mom is joking that we should send out announcements. But I am too busy sewing and shopping to care!
It only just occurred to me to sew kitty stuff! I've entered a whole new territory and I'm having way too much fun. Especially since these are girl kitties and I get to play with pinks and florals... something I crave. 

I saw these cuddle sacks at the pet store, and instantly had to try making one. It's snuggly soft Minkee fabric, with boning in the opening to give it support, and lined with a layer of batting and cozy fleece.

It was so fun to make, and I was sorta hooked...

...so I sewed up a couple stuffed bird toys filled with catnip.

Why not? They're cute!

And a minkee quilt in pinks and browns, with pale pink silky backing. 

I have no idea why cats might need a quilt. But, like I said, I rarely get to sew pink things. And apparently I am now a crazy cat lady. 

Today I made them a bed. Or, more like a pillow. But the insert is a feather pillow and it's super squishy and cozy so I hope they will lay on it.

But if they don't it'll make a nice floor pillow! Or a decorative couch pillow! Because these fabrics are so pretty!

I think I'll make some couch pillows in this style anyway... I love the way it looks with the button in the center. It was so much fun. I'm trying to figure out what else I can sew these spoiled little kitties. Gotta do something to help pass the time until they come home! We are all very excited and Ty is having such a hard time being patient. 

So is mommy. :)

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jessiker said...

Hehe!! So incredibly cute! Phoebe would be very proud of the two little girls you picked out :)
I made a few cat toy's before, but my cat never seemed to wanna play with them. Even with catnip!
I've seen people sew cat beds before. They took old bath towels, cut them in a fish shape, then stuff the middle a bit with stuffing, sew it back up and voilĂ  - a kitty bed!