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thredUP and a few updates

I recently learned of an online kid's clothing swap called thredUP and had to check it out right away. This is where the shopaholic in me sometimes escapes. I try to keep her locked up, and I'm convinced this is why God gave me boys. He knows I am weak to retail pleasures. Girl stuff is just too fun to shop for. Anyway. Resale and consignment are my friends. So, naturally I was intrigued by this site.
Basically, you sign up (for free), then view all the super fun boxes listed by other moms. These 'boxes' are medium flat rate priority mail boxes from USPS, that other users stuff full of clothes! You can search by size and gender, among other things. Each box has anywhere from 10-15 items in it, and you can view a list and descriptions of what's inside. ThredUP also has a rating system to ensure people are sending out quality clothes! No photos, to keep things simple and quick for listing... and also because the element of surprise is super fun.
So you pick your box, pay $5 plus shipping ($10.95 flat rate), and get a ton of new stuff in the mail! Then, when you get around to it, you list your own box of stuff your kids have outgrown! And when someone chooses it, you ship it for free! So we can pass cute clothes to someone who can use them, and get some new stuff for super cheap. Love this idea.
For years I've done the big semi-annual consignment sales when they come to town... which I love and will continue to do. But it's a lot of work! Sorting, typing info, printing and cutting tags, tagging items, putting them on hangers, driving them to and from the sale. ThredUP is so much easier and I can use it anytime I want!
I ordered my first box yesterday. 12 items. For around $16. $1.33 per item. I'll let you know when it comes and show you what's inside! I'm way excited. Getting stuff in the mail is just plain fun.
So check it out. Click one of the links above, or this one. If you sign up using my link, you get $5 credit! So your first box is only $10.95! You should know I also get $5 for each person I refer who buys a box. So it's a win-win. :)

On a side note, here are a couple updates:
Our new kitties were supposed to be spayed and brought home last week... but at the last minute there was a viral outbreak at the shelter where their surgeries were to take place. So the shelter closed down temporarily to protect the other cats, and the surgeries were postponed until March 30th. We are so glad our kitties were still safely in their foster home when the virus was discovered, but sad to have to wait a few more weeks!

And I finally got around to listing a few new coffee cozies in my etsy shop! Check 'em out if you get a chance. I've been keeping busy with lots of little side projects (and, I'll admit it, more sewing for the kittens), but I have a few fun things in the works to hopefully add to my shop soon!


M* {Daydream Believers} said...

What a cool idea! :) I'm heading over to check it out now! Thanks, Genelle!

Becky said...

I ordered my first box today and am gathering things to list in my first listing! Thanks