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DIY succulent terrarium

I'm obsessed with succulents. Many of you know this. They are just so adorable! And so easy to grow. Plus they grow just about anywhere, and if you plant little clippings they grow into a new plant! I know I've mentioned this, but it thrills me to no end. Guess I'm easily amused.

I came across this glass container today while cleaning out a cupboard. I never really use it for anything. 

So I put a little potting soil in the bottom, then a nice layer of moss (left over from my mother's day creation... which by the way is so happy it's blooming!!). I added a bunch of water, then poured out the excess. Then I clipped a few stems of succulents from my existing plants, and pulled off one hen. Or chick. 

I tucked them into the moss and added some cute little pebbles for a rustic look.
Et voila! 
Super simple, took about five minutes, and looks so cute. I've been meaning to check the thrift stores for interesting containers to fill like this. I just love instant gratification. Especially when it's basically free!

This is way off the subject, but I thought you'd like an update on our new kittens!

On the left is Cleo and on the right is Quinn. They are almost 5 months old and driving us crazy! In that wild, chaotic, into everything kitten way. But oh, how I am enjoying them. 

They play hard, then crash. Often on our laps. Usually together. I just love having these little sisters. They have so much personality, and they are each so different from the other. Just like kids I guess. Love them. :)

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