"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


Hello, spring...?

Are you there? I've been waiting patiently. Enjoying the snow. Embracing sweater and scarf weather. But it's May now and I'm ready for your much anticipated arrival. I've planted a spring garden for the first time, and what do you do? Snow on it. Twice. Please bring some of your warmth and sunshine for my poor little plants. I'd like to go for walks outside. The kids would like to play in the dirt. I'd love to dust off the barbecue, and put my outdoor cushions back on the deck furniture. It would sure be nice to wash my car and have it stay clean for more than one day.

my sad little plants

I know, it's still a bit early for our little corner of Oregon. But could you just show your face? A few more times so we know you're still there? It's been very wet and cold here. I guess Winter is just enjoying his long visit a little too much. You've overstayed your welcome, Winter! Time to pack your bags and "visit" someone else! We are ready for farmer's markets, bike rides, and a little color on our frighteningly pale faces. Mother's day lunch outside would be nice. Yard work and picnics. Gardening. Coffee and music on the front porch on lazy Saturday mornings. Bare feet. Yes, please.

I see the signs! Please tell me you're almost here! I think this year is worse than others since it's the first in a long time that we haven't traveled somewhere sunny to break up the winter, due to the Baby Who Does Not Travel Well. Also that nagging little, relatively new thing called One Income. 

Um, thanks for letting me vent. 


Marisa said...

Ha! Yes, I'm feeling the same. Got my seeds ordered, and it snowed. Then it was warm when they arrived, but then it froze. I think we're good now, though. Heading out to plant this weekend.

Courtney Lang said...

I agree Genelle! Every time the sun shines lately it is hard to even enjoy it because you are afraid the next day is going to be back to cold, wet and dreary! Hopefully all will be changing in the next few weeks, I think I have a serious vitamin D deficiency that needs to be remedied. :)