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Finally, some sewing!

Well, I dusted off my sewing machine after a long, unanticipated break. All because I saw the cutest little zippered pouches in the Edgefield gift shop. You just never know where inspiration will be found! I've been searching high and low for the last couple months. Guess it had to find me. Edgefield is so fab, by the way. I know I've said that before, but if you are local and haven't been, you must. On a sunny day.

Anyway, these pouches I saw were made of several gorgeous fabrics, with a gusseted bottom, zippered opening, and some embellishments on the front- mostly little appliqued felt pieces and fun buttons. Super cute. I kept going back to look at them, thinking I must attempt making one.
Here is my interpretation:

I forgot to take a pic of the inside, but it's lined in turquoise. I just love these colors together. I think it'll make a perfect little cosmetics bag. 

So a while back I attempted to make a simple little reusable snack pouch lined in ripstop nylon (my original sandwich wraps were lined in PUL which apparently may not be food safe... oops). It turned out ok, but I've been meaning to make more and try and perfect the pattern. Because I love using these! I've always got snacks for the boys stashed in my bag, and this way I'm not constantly throwing away plastic zipper bags!

These are a tad girly for my boys... but I'm the one who has to carry them, right? They may as well be pretty. The nylon lining makes it easy to brush out crumbs, and when they get really messy I just throw them in the wash. I'm hoping the bigger one will be a good size for sandwiches. Picnic season is upon us!

I got a bit lazy at the end and didn't use pink thread for the bias tape on the small pouch. Really should have. Also I was out of the wider bais tape (1/2"?) and had to use the super narrow stuff... the wider would be so much easier to catch all the layers. If I can manage to streamline this little project, I'll attempt to post a pattern/tutorial so you can make your own! They are super simple. 

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