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Peacock cake

This last weekend I celebrated my 32nd birthday (on 9/11... ) and decided to make my own cake. I just finished the third session of cake decorating classes at Michaels, which focused on fondant and gumpaste, so I was itching to practice! I knew there would be some birthday festivities, so I could serve the cake to friends and family. I have a horrible sweet tooth, but ironically don't enjoy cake all that much. Oh, I'll eat it- I'd rarely turn down sweets! But give me ice cream any day. I had to bake a cake to decorate for our final night of class, which was super fun. I enjoy the baking, but especially love the decorating. I brought it home afterward, hubby admired it, I posted pics on facebook, then had a little slice. The cake sat in the fridge for a week before I threw it out. Still just once slice gone. Hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth at all, so cake doesn't go quickly in our house. As long as the kids don't know it's there... and I made sure they didn't. ;) Otherwise they'd be hounding me day and night for more cake!
So anyway. I was thrilled to have an occasion to make a pretty cake where it may actually get eaten! Even though it's a bit... sad? pathetic?... to make my own cake. I didn't really care. It was mine and I got to do whatever I wanted- so I went for a peacock theme.

Feathers and all. 
My original design called for a third layer, but then I thought, "that's a ton of cake...and a ton of work". Two was plenty.

I covered the whole thing in fondant, then made the decorations out of a combination of fondant and gumpaste, plus the little edible pearls. 

You can really see the gold shimmer dust I added to the chocolate layer in this photo!
Oh, and those are supposed to be mums. Apparently they resemble either pinecones or artichokes. I may just make them green and do a vegetable theme cake someday. 

On the inside I attempted doing a zebra cake! You basically just alternate layering small amounts of chocolate and white cake batter into your pans, no swirling or mixing- then bake. It really did look like zebra stripes when we sliced into it! Too bad I forgot to take photos.

This was (obviously) my first attempt at quilting the fondant. I love the look, but need some practice! I used my clear fabric quilting ruler and a butter knife! There must be a better way. :)

I sort of wish I could just decorate cardboard boxes in the shape of cakes. The baking is alright, but wasteful if there is no occasion! And I really just want to practice! I'm thinking perhaps a halloween cake?!


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Marisa said...

You can DEFINITELY just decorate cardboard! Or styrofoam. Pros do it all the time. One tier of cake for the bride and groom to cut, the rest fake.

Or you can just bring the cake to me. I'll eat it. :)

Joce said...

Wow!!! Sooo beautiful~almost too pretty to eat. You should sell cakes~seriously! Gorgeous!!!