"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15


Why I Blog

Hello blog, I've missed you.

This past week has had me pondering the purpose of this blog.

And my conclusion? The short answer is I feel like I can talk to other adults about stuff that interests me.
The long answer...
I've only been a stay-at-home-mom for just under a year. I'm very new to this crazy, busy, always rewarding and often frustrating full-time "job". But I love it more than I ever thought I would. I cut back to working part-time after Ty was born, so I got a small taste of what it's like to spend the days doing kid stuff, and I was hooked. It was a long-term goal for us... it took a few years to pay off all debt but the house, cut back on tons of expenses, and learn to live on a lot less. But when I was eight months pregnant with Beckham and it was finally time to quit my almost 10-year job, I felt so conflicted! I really LOVED it- loved my boss, loved my co-workers. It was a tear-filled and bittersweet day for me when I left. And I still miss it. I feel very lucky that I get to fill in occasionally, visit whenever I want, and stay in touch with my little work "family".
But after several months of being home, I was missing one thing the most: going to work each day and chatting about idle, mundane details of life with my friends. What we made for dinner. How our diets were going. Funny things the kids said. Ideas for saving money. Crafts. Scrapbooking. Sports. Current events. Television shows. Stuff that interested us, but nothing important enough to call each other up and share.
So I sat on the idea of a blog, felt silly about it, thought it seemed a bit self-indulgent. Which it totally is. But it's the outlet I desperately needed. Nothing here is life-changing or even very important. But it's important to me, and I want to share it. So that's my answer.  :)


Joce said...

I can totally relate my friend. I stay home with our kiddo's too. I've gone back to work part time between each of them as I've always missed the frienship/relationships there. . . but I truly LOVE being home more than I ever imagined. A blog is a PERFECT way to share about life. I love checking out your blog especially, you always have super cute ideas and yummy recipes. I'm addicted to yours and check it out every few days. Thanks for sharing ALL that you do. Keep it up! Bless you friend! ~jocelyn

Marisa said...

I have the same blogging doubts at least once a week. Some days I feel so self-centered! And very anonymous since there are 8 gazillion blogs out there just like mind. But other days, usually when I get some nice comments, I really feel like I'm sharing ideas.

Keep it up...you're doing a wonderful job!

Genelle said...

Thanks, girls!
Jocelyn- it really is such a bittersweet thing, giving up our "work selves"... I feel like a completely different person sometimes. But wouldn't trade it for anything! Thanks for reading, and for your kind words!
Marisa, glad to hear you have these doubts too! Especially with your amazing blog, I can't imagine you ever feel that way!
Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration, I always love your ideas!