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Ten Tasks Challenge: day 10!

Well, here it is... the 10th day of this challenge. 
I did pretty good! Completed nine of my ten tasks... That darn sign was my problem. It's an overwhelming project. And I really need hubby's help with it, which pretty much means the weekend. But I will try to get on it, really soon! And I promise to post a photo of one so you can see what I'm talking about.

Here's the rundown:

1. Sign (see lame excuse above)

2. Plant lettuce- did that last week, it's looking great! And still slug-free!

3. Paint $1 garage sale bookshelf

This was coming apart in the back, dusty, and a very unattractive oak-like laminate. I nailed it back together, cleaned it off and did a somewhat lazy job painting it, then spraying with varnish.

But for $1 it looks great! And gives us more shelf space for toys and books in Beckham's closet.

4. Reorganize boy's books

Now that I have another shelf in Beckham's closet, I was finally able to sort through some of Ty's books and pull out all the baby ones that are just to young for him. 

So now Beckham has a few more books to "read", and Ty has a tiny bit more room in his shelves. 

Oh, gosh. Never mind. That still looks terrible. But it's actually better than it was! I'll keep working on it...

5. Get fabric to finish Ty's quilt
YES! Got it! And actually finished the whole thing!! I'm so happy to have that project done. 

We had a set of orange sheets for our queen bed that we never used (funny how orange seemed practical once), so I cut them up and turned them into a twin set for Ty's bed. There was enough fabric left over to use as squares in the quilt and for the little throw pillow. 
I love the guitar fabric. Perfect for my little music lover.

I love how these turned out!! And especially how easy they are!

7. Make a few batches of baby food
Done... at the last second. Just finished this up about an hour ago! And it was actually only one big batch of brown rice and veggies. But Becks is eating a lot more grown-up food these days, so we aren't needing as much puree'd food. 

8. Update Beckham's baby book/ work on scrapbook
SO relieved to have this done/started! I have the baby book completely up to date, which I have been putting off for way too long. And I finished ten (yes TEN!) pages in his scrapbook!! That's a ton! It occurred to me the other day that I had Ty's entire first year documented in two scrapbooks by his first birthday party. We brought them to display. So... I was having a lot of guilt that I'd barely started Beckham's and his first birthday party is in a month and a half! I still have a long way to go on this, but just having started makes it easier to keep progressing. 

9. Clean cushions on patio furniture
Yeah... this didn't go so well. We tried a borax/dish detergent/water mixture on them, and I don't really think it made much difference. Thanks to some great comments on my last post, I now have a few other options to try!

10. Come up with a system for Ty's chores
I'm so excited about this! I put it off until literally this morning! And look how cute it turned out!

It's an old cookie sheet! I just cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit and decorated it a bit, then added Ty's daily and weekly chores. We are going to hang it somewhere, then he can use the magnets (which I need to make cuter) to mark off his chores as they are completed. 

Thanks to The Shabby Chic Cottage for hosting this challenge that really helped motivate me! 


Beth said...

Great job!!! I love that coffee cozy (makes me wish I could sew), so cute! And the chore chart is adorable!

Ms. A said...

You did a fantastic job! I'm crushing on that coffee cozy fabric! -- (is it Amy Butler?)

junebug said...

Great work!! So much done in a week! I'm really impressed with your finishing the quilt.

Kelly @ Lucy's Daughter said...

Love the bookshelf and the coffee cozy! Great job on completing your tasks!

cherry said...

Great job love the chore list and how cute is that coffee cozy.. Way to go!
hugs from Savannah, Cherry