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A week of Ruby: day 8

For weeks I pondered a creative way to present all the fun gifts for Ruby to my SIL at her shower. I wanted something somewhat useful, rather than just another gift bag. But I couldn't come up with anything unique!
So there it was, the day before her shower, which also happened to be my birthday. After some shopping at Lush, we were driving home for Beckham's nap, and Mike had this sudden inspiration. 

"Don't we still have that brown storage ottoman around somewhere?"


"let's spray paint it and recover the top, then put all the gifts inside!!"

Ahhh, my brilliant and endlessly creative hubby. Love him.

We just so happened to be within a mile or so of a huge fabric store, so we stopped. And I just so happened to stumble upon the prettiest fabric!!
I sent Mike to the hardware store while B napped for some spray paint...
then after getting home from my wonderful birthday dinner and putting the boys to bed, I got to work.

So, here is the before pic (but I had actually started priming it already- almost forgot to take the pic!)...

....and after it was mostly primed...

Here is the lid after I covered it with new fabric! This was so easy- just lots of pulling the fabric tight and a staple gun. 

And the finished product! Didn't realize how blurry this photo turned out...

But you can see it better here. Pretty, right?! It sure made a cute gift box!

It's been so much fun sharing all these projects with you, my dear 13 loyal readers! ;)
Promise to lay off the sewing posts for a while... although I have some fun stuff up my sleeve. All in good time. :)


Marisa said...

This is such a great idea! I love practical packaging.

Catherine said...

Your SIL will be thrilled! Your gifts are wonderful and from the heart. Great Job Genelle!!!

Joce said...

Wow, I'm so impressed Genelle. You (and your hubs) have fantastic ideas. And I'm with Catherine, your SIL will LOVE each one. =)