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Repurposed coffee table... and a cool vintage find

My favorite coffee shop here in town just happens to be next door to a big thrift store. This is convenient for a couple reasons:
1. I can zip right over without having to load/unload kids twice, just to see if they have anything great
2. I can drive by after getting my coffee and peer at the furniture on the sidewalk

Recently I was doing the drive-by option and spotted this small table out front.

Loved the shape. The color isn't bad either, but I'm really wanting more white in my living room. Plus it was a bit beat up, but I wanted something somewhat shabby and weathered.

It was $5! 

I primed it

Then spray painted it a pretty antique white

 I am just in love with this cute little table!

I used sandpaper to weather it a bit, but I think I'll do a little more. 

I also stumbled across another great living room find on craigslist recently...

Isn't it gorgeous?! It's 70's vintage but in great condition. I just love it. I think it's actually a dresser- it has 3 drawers inside the cupboard doors. But it works so well against a long wall in our living room.

I love this detail.

So much character. It appears a lot whiter in these photos than it actually is. It's more of a buttery yellow, which is really pretty, but I'm considering painting it the same antique white as the small table, then hand painting on some accents like the orange-y ones it has now. 

Slowly but surely working on my living room update! I'll post before and after pics once it's finished. 

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