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Wasting time on etsy

Beckham is napping as I type... I really ought to be accomplishing something constructive, or at least showering. But instead I'm having great fun on etsy. I'm dreaming of my entire Christmas wish list consisting of gorgeous etsy finds...

Why have I never searched 'vintage fabric' before?? Look what I've been missing:

Love these pillow covers. 

And, oh. These chenille squares have me drooling! Yum.

This fabric reminds me of the fabric I used for my apron! So pretty!

Speaking of aprons...

I hesitated to post this because I want it for myself! Don't buy it, ok? $5.99! I so need it.

Wow. Just wow. Have no idea what I would do with this huge piece of fabric, but it's so gorgeous.

These vintage chenille fabrics are just delicious, I've never seen anything like them! These ones are made into a quilt, and how amazing is it?!

Love these.

Ok. I must stop now before I go on a spending spree and my husband confiscates my debit card. But I will be revisiting this search soon. Maybe I need a job. 

Wanted: part-time job. Very part-time. Maybe an hour or two a week? But I need to bring my kids. And it needs to pay well. Or maybe pay in fabric!
Will work for vintage fabric. Hmm...

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Marisa said...

When you get that job, put in a good word for me. That sounds like my kind of schedule.