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Homemade boy gift- car/play mat

I had so much fun sewing little girlie gifts for miss Ruby, my sweet new niece. Ty loved seeing each thing I made, he's a very sentimental little guy. He kept asking if I was going to make something for him. This got me pondering Christmas ideas for my boys. I love the idea of making them things, from the heart, just for them. But boys are hard!
I did manage to come up with a few ideas for them, however, and as I make them I will share them. 

Here is my first creation, for little Beckham:

It's a car mat! For him to drive little matchbox cars on. He loves cars right now, so hopefully this will grow with him and the boys can play with it together. 

I sewed felt pieces to fleece, but I imagine this would be very easy to make without sewing as well... maybe with fabric glue or that iron-on bond stuff?

I've been experimenting with embroidery a bit... It's pretty shaky still but a lot of fun, and I wanted his mat to be personalized. Unfortunately the blue is hard to read on that light color. Didn't think of that. 

Some of the "rocks" and "shrubs" aren't sewn down all the way so I could use them as peek-a-boo flaps, which Beckham loves. Here is my attempt at an embroidered bee. For my 'little B'. 

And an owl, of course. Since I'm obsessed. 

A silly bird wading in the stream.

I added these fish to the "pond", then realized they look just like goldfish crackers and he's probably going to try to eat them. 
I also added some stitching to the "water" to look like waves and currents. Just some texture to make it more interesting to him. And fun for me. 

Along one side, I sewed the fleece up and added stitched lines to create car pockets. Or "garages". :)

Plus one bigger pocket with velcro. Not sure why. I just thought he could stash little things in there. 

I backed it with this blue fabric so it looks neat when rolled up. Then added straps so I can tie it and stick it in the diaper bag. Or the car. 

A handy little travel toy. Can't wait to give it to him on Christmas!

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Marisa said...

That looks great! I love all your little fun touches. Beckham will have such fun with that!