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Finally- Laundry room makeover!

Earlier this year I posted a few of my home-improvement wishes- a big one was my laundry room. You may remember this?

Oh, how I hated that wire shelf. Stuff tipped over and fell through, plus it just looked so messy and disorganized!
I would have been happy with some cheap white cabinets, but my picky husband (love him) insisted that we needed nice wood ones. Of course, wood would be great, but they are expensive! Around $180 for a big double cabinet is what we found, and we needed two doubles plus one or two singles ($100 each?) to fill this wall.
So this room stayed as is.
Until we discovered this place called The Rebuilding Center on Mississippi in Portland. People and builders donate used building materials which are sold for so cheap! I love this place. It's very hit or miss, especially if you are looking for something specific, but really fun to just browse through all the stuff. They have a huge selection of doors, windows, hardware, light fixtures, sinks and toilets, plus some furniture, and of course... cabinets! 
We walked in and instantly spotted a group of cabinets that looked very similar to what we have in our kitchen. There was no price on them; they must have just come in. There were more than we needed so we asked the price for three- two doubles and one single. $65!! Seriously. And they looked almost brand new. These would have cost at least $450 new. We were so excited.
So I finally took that horrid shelf down and painted the room. No, not the cute pink like originally planned. It looked terrible with the wood color of these cabinets. So I picked out a gorgeous robin's egg blue that makes me think of Tiffany & Co. every time I do laundry.  :)
Mike watched some online tutorials to learn how to hang them, which turned out to be easy and only took him a couple hours.
Et voila!

Isn't it pretty?! I love the little hanging rod that I painted to match the walls. 

I looove my cabinets. So organized and neat. 

And this paint is just fab. Such a soothing, clean color for a laundry room. I actually want to be in there now!

Of course, I had to make an ironing pad to match. Our old one was so thin and ugly, and this was so easy to make!

This is my new retractable laundry line!

It has five strings to hang clothes to dry! I really needed this for hanging Beckham's cloth diapers. And I love how it rolls up so neatly when not in use. 

So nice to have this crossed off the list. 

We've also been working on our big living room makeover, very slowly. It's almost done, though, and I can't wait to show you!

Also, don't forget to make some laundry detergent and get it donated! Do something good this thanksgiving week! Then come enter my giveaway! ONE person has entered, come on folks! The odds of winning are excellent! ;)

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