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Laundry Detergent Challenge: Recipe

Alrighty folks, here is the promised recipe for the dry laundry detergent (click here to read more about this challenge). I just finished making a batch myself and it was super easy. Except for the cramped hand from all the grating!!

Gather your ingredients:

Fels Naptha soap
Washing Soda

Grate the soap using a fine grater

Ugh, taking a break... 

Then pour it into your container.
(the recipe will yield about 4 cups, so choose one large enough)

Add one cup washing soda...

And one cup borax...

Then shake it up!

My borax was a bit clumpy, so I had to stir it with a fork.

For a front-loading washer, you would want to use about 1 Tablespoon per load, and for a top-loader you would use 2 Tablespoons. I tried to make a little measuring cup to put inside, but couldn't find my sharpie!

So I wrote the instructions on the lid, and also added the recipe. Since these donations will go to struggling families, maybe knowing how to make more of this inexpensive homemade detergent can benefit them in the future.

Ok, simple as that!! I've only made this one batch so far, but have lots of my borax and washing soda left, so I just need to go pick up a few more bars of Fels Naptha to make more. Then I will be taking it to My Father's House! Can't wait. 

Sooo, about that giveaway...
Here are the details:

Comment on this post once you've made your detergent and donated it. (I'll link to it on my sidebar so you can find it again later)

Become a Sleepless in Sandy follower for an extra entry, just leave another comment telling me you've done so

Be sure to leave an email address where I can reach you if you win!

Contest will close on Thanksgiving, November 25th, at 6pm (that gives you almost 2 weeks, you can do it!)

Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 26th 
I'll email the winner and post it here that afternoon!

Winner receives:
4 movie tickets to Regal Cinemas 
and a reusable sandwich wrap
Not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling and the know-how to make your own detergent!


Marisa said...

Question: do you use that grater for food? Or is it a laundry-soap-only grater?

If you wash it and use it for food, couldn't you use a food processor to grate the soap and save your hand? Heck, if you make this laundry soap often, it might be worth finding a cheap food processor and dedicate it to laundry soap.

Becky said...

Great idea! I have used my food grater over and over for this. The soap won't hurt. But your hand sure does!

Genelle said...

Oh Marisa, I can't believe I never thought of that. I bought three more bars of the soap today and will be using the food processor to grate it up tomorrow!! I figure, it's just soap... It probably gets my grater extra clean! Thanks for the idea. :)

Becky said...

Made the detergent. Definitely hard on the hands grating all the soap. Buy worth it! Great idea. Hope it helps people at my father house